Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Simple Pleasures

France has so many of the things I love, and today, I finally had the chance to go in search of some of my favorite simple pleasures:


Old Stuff

Nature AND Old Stuff

Serendipitously Awesome Photos



Color inside Churches

And did I mention... 
Old Stuff?

On a beautifully crisp, early fall day, I don't think I could have asked for a better birthday present! And for anyone who is wondering, I also bought myself a nice, fat pastry. :)


  1. Donna, this post reminds me of how I felt in Europe: lucky! Sooo lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful, old architecture. I'm glad you get to visit :) Please enjoy it for us both!

    1. I definitely feel lucky! And I remember feeling that way as a missionary, too!! Sometimes, I'd just stop and say "Hey, guess what?! WE'RE IN EUROPE!" :)

  2. I love Europe. It reminds you of the sedimentary layers of life that came before puts you in your place, reeks of history and depth and the beauty of wisdom in age. And it beats the hell out of strip malls...

  3. What beautiful pictures. I'm happy you had a good day!