Sunday, September 16, 2012

Give Me This Mountain

 We took a weekend trip to Chamonix--the closest thing that France comes to the true paradise (i.e. Switzerland), and it occurred to me that I will forever be a mountain girl! There is something infinitely comforting to me about being near mountains, and I feel more recharged after a day and a half in the mountain air than 5 nights of good rest could possibly have done! Since I'm full of fun pictures, I'll let them do the talking this time around and keep my ramblings for another day and another topic... Enjoy!

Perfect Little Chalet
We spent the night at a large yet cozy cabin that we had all to ourselves! The running joke--related to my current quarters in the dungeon room--is that I'm always stuffed in a cabinet somewhere. Fortunately, this "cabinet" was actually really nice!

Awesomely comfy wooden chairs
Now presenting: the crazy Roney brothers!

Charming dining room!
Not ours, but it was too picturesque to miss
My "cabinet" bed
And my cupboard-under-the-stairs bathroom

Exploring the Village

Yay for village churches!
And glacier-fed, milky rivers!
Soon-to-be-discovered cheese heaven
Feeling a bit hungry after our drive, we set out to find a good local restaurant (which isn't actually that hard in a resort city like Chamonix). As soon as I saw the word "raclette," I was sold and quickly convinced everyone that this restaurant was a must. Raclette is a cheese indigenous to Switzerland and the Haute Savoie region of France (code: we were in its birthplace). It's served melted over potatoes and dressed up with meat and baby pickles and onions! I've been dreaming about it for months...and we weren't disappointed! We also had some tasty fondue to share around--cheese heaven!
Everyone was happy to meet my favorite meal!

Mountain of Mountains

Back at the chalet, we had a small deck that afforded some amazing views of Chamonix's biggest attraction: Mont Blanc. It's name literally means "white mountain," and with the gigantic glacier creeping down its side and its perpetually snowy summit, it's not hard to imagine why! Amazingly enough, though, people have been climbing this snowy beast since 1786. For myself, I just like to look at it...


  1. I have no comment; only more jealousy. AZ doesn't know how to do mountains very well. At least not where I'm living.

  2. Dear Donna,
    Was this the first time you have been to Chamonix?! Says the girl who has only been there once... The Schaerrers took Souer Sakievich and I one preperation day. It was sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL! Words cannot describe. Did you all go up to Mount Blanc - I sincerely hope so. The view over the Alps is so stunning. I love my Rockies but the Alps... they are in a whole different class of mountains. I really could write an epistle about how much I loved that single solitary visit to Chamonix - and it was oh... seven years ago! I hope all your adventures are this wonderful!

    1. Wow--talk about a long time waiting before replying! I love that you wrote this as a letter. :D So, I'll respond like one...
      Dear Kylie,
      This was my first time going to Chamonix! It's a lovely place and going there was balm to my soul. But I have to admit that I am still more partial to anywhere in Switzerland. We didn't get to go up the mountain because we spent too long eating I didn't get to see the whole view! Sadness... But, my life isn't over yet! :)

  3. Oh my gosh I have always wanted to go to Chamonix. When I went to Paris (pre-mission) it was the one place I decided I wanted to go in France but since I was supposed to travel with others (study abroad rules)I never got there. I couldn't convince them to go because it wasn't out of the country :p I'm so glad I got to see your pictures.