The Characters

As my blog has been developing and taking on a life of its own, I'm realizing that it might be good for my "followers" to have a basic run-down of the main characters. So, apart from myself, here are some of the people who pop up regularly!

Although he's the newest member of the "cast," Roby is by far the most important! Meeting him has impacted my life in so many ways and changed my future forever. My own wonderful Italian and I were married on December 27, 2013, and I've recorded our entire love saga here on the blog. In my opinion, our story is nothing short of miraculous, and our being together means that what would have been a brief three years in Europe may well become a lifelong journey in foreign lands!

President and Sister Roney
As a mission president for our church, President Roney and his wonderful wife have the enormous responsibility of keeping tabs on 150 + missionaries as well as maintaining and running the Lyon, France mission. They may be my employers, but I definitely love these two! They are full of love for everyone and are a lot of fun to be around. I think the best part, though, is that President Roney's sense of humor reminds me a lot of my dad! To clarify, I alternate between calling them by their first names (Blake and Nancy) and their official missionary titles.

The youngest in a family of eight kids, London is a ball of energy. He loves sports (he creamed me at ping-pong while playing with his left hand...and yes, he's right-handed) and generally hates doing math...but he's a really smart kid! On my first weekend in France, he helped me disassemble and reassemble my old computer in an attempt to fix it--and we actually got it to work for about an hour! I like to think that he'll be a mechanical engineer someday... He's very outgoing and loves to tease people. He also loves issuing challenges--which generally involve food--to the missionaries. He's basically everyone's adopted little brother.

If you're familiar with the personality color analysis, I would say that Kelson is predominantly a blue with a fair amount of white. Only 14 months older than London, he couldn't possibly be more different from his younger brother in both looks and personality. He is generally quiet, is an excellent writer, and he sometimes has a surprisingly sharp wit. In some ways he reminds me of myself--but he's still 100% boy! I predict that he'll be a science fiction author when he grows up. He reads constantly and doesn't hesitate to take on books that are way beyond his age level--definitely a sharp kid!

The Missionaries
This last one is much more variable than all the others. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds, and can be either guys (elders) or girls (sisters). Because the Roneys are in charge of them, they are always flowing through the house, and I constantly get a stream of inside information related to them. Whenever we travel around, it's to see all of them in their various areas (called zones), and two of them (President Roney's assistants) travel with us. For those who might not know what a missionary does, I recommend clicking on the hyperlink for this sentence. :) They are a big part of what we're all doing here in France, and I personally love being around them!

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  1. I love this part!!! :D I think I never saw president and sister Roney not dressed in sunday cloths!