Thursday, June 5, 2014

People Are Awesome; Cats Are Not

Two awesome things happened this morning: 1-I plucked my eyebrows. 2-It hurt. I know that sounds pretty bizarre, but when you consider that I haven't had eyebrows to pluck for a couple of months, it's pretty exciting to me to actually have something to work with! As for the hurting part, shortly after beginning chemo last November, I realized that all I had to do was slightly approach eyebrow hairs with tweezers in order for them to fall right out. It seemed awesome at first--until I realized that meant my hair follicles were too destroyed to hold on to any hair. SO--hurting eyebrow hairs = recovery! :) Funny how lack can make the nuisances of life seem exciting.

In other news, I just wanted to let you all know that our fundraiser yard sale went incredibly well! We had an awesome turnout for the sale and there were so many donated items that it took us almost a full day just to get everything set out! The thing that really amazed me is how generous people were--more often than not, people would bring their items up to me (I was the "cashier") and give me $20 for around $2 worth of items, insisting that I keep the change. It was moving to see how much perfect strangers can care. On the lighter side of things, we also had a funny experience that resulted in a brand new rolling pin and a $48 donation from some very humbled high schoolers.

My mom had started setting items outside the afternoon and evening before the sale, not remembering that it was graduation day and there were bound to be crazy kids running around all night. Around 9:00 on Friday night, we heard some loud laughing and the sound of a car speeding away--we went outside to see what was going on, but didn't notice anything unusual. 30 minutes later, however, a police officer showed up at our front door and said that a neighbor had seen some teenage boys steal some "small items" off one of the yard sale tables. Because there were so many things, we didn't know what was missing, but said we'd appreciate having it back if the officer could find out who had taken it.

Wanting to protect the rest of the merchandise, my mom decided to sleep outside on a lawn chair. She hadn't gotten settled in for long when a van drove up and a couple of embarrassed high schoolers hopped out, apologizing abjectly for having stolen our rolling pin... Funny thing is, I had intended to throw that thing away since it was terribly broken and almost unusable! I didn't even know it wound up in the sale--but they humbly gave my mom a brand new rolling pin and each donated some money to our cause. My mom felt bad and told them it wasn't necessary, refusing to take their money. However, a determined mother got out of the car and insisted that she take their money as a way of teaching the boys a lesson about stealing. I applaud her decision, but I also feel a little bad that there was so much fuss over a broken kitchen tool! Hee hee... We decided to keep the new rolling pin as a souvenir rather than sell it. :)

Well, this all proves my point about people being awesome, but now you may be wondering about the cat issue from my title... Sadly, Roby and I have been adopted by a stray cat this past week. Let it be perfectly understood that I love animals and think cats are adorable, but I'm terribly allergic to all things cat-like. To my frustration, this lovely, blue-eyed creature has taken a huge fancy to us and comes out of the bushes to rub its insanely loose-furred back against our legs the minute we step outside. I've resorted to keeping a broom on hand if I feel like sitting out in the backyard--it's about the only thing that will keep the sneaky creature at bay. Roby, who grew up with and loves cats, thinks it's hilarious. As for me, I just think my eyes are itchier than normal these days... Here's hoping that its grumpy meowings this morning are a sign that it doesn't love me as much anymore! I had intended to put a picture of our fur-shedding friend on here, but it seems to be avoiding me right now. Roby says it just proves how cunning the cat is--it knows precisely how to irritate me...

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