Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Strangest Dream

Last night I had the strangest dream--no, I didn't sail away to China in a little row boat, but I was on plane flying very low over Nice. It was a commercial plane and yet we somehow managed to fly only 20 feet above the street and I was able to see all the highlights of the city from my impossibly large window. I think it was a sign that I need to blog about my brief trip to the French Riviera before all of my memories go to waste!

Apparently, taking the ACT outside of the U.S. can be a complicated thing--only a few select international schools offer it, and as the nearest one to Lyon was in Nice, Kaedon and I headed out on a 24 hour adventure! After depositing Kaedon safely at his testing site, the taxi driver drove me into the heart of the city, pointing out castle-like resorts (such as Queen Victoria's favorite vacation hideaway) along the way. Pretty much any city along the Riviera is fairly ritzy, and Nice is definitely a rather fancy place: luxury shopping, beautifully
bright-colored buildings, more Christmas decorations strung throughout the streets than I ever saw in Lyon, and, of course, the mind-blowingly blue Mediterranean! I know this will sound like a tourist brochure, but Nice is absolutely worth discovering no matter what you like in a city! The old town had these delightfully poky old streets packed with quirky boutiques and interesting restaurants while the shopping district was centered around enormous plaza areas lined with palm trees. And of course, the beach was incredible--and as it was only around 50 degrees, it was safely free of scantily-clad swimmers. :)

Switchback staircase--code:
To contextualize it for all of my American pals, imagine L.A. with several hundred more years of history (and minus the whole Hollywood thing) and you'll be just about spot-on to the feel of Nice. And since almost nothing gets me more excited than a bunch of old stuff, I absolutely loved it!