Sunday, December 16, 2012

Light and Color

As I've already mentioned in a previous post, I love visiting cathedrals on sunny days to see how the gray walls are painted with color from the stained glass windows. It fills me with an incredible sense of wonder that people in abject poverty and who lived in a period that we commonly consider "dark" could create brilliantly beautiful masterpieces. It's ultimately a testament to the light that always has existed in all of us--even when life isn't as beautiful as it could be.

The other day, as the sun finally broke through what seemed like weeks of fog, I took the boys to la Cath├ędrale St. Jean. I believe it's the oldest of Lyon's many churches and it has some beautiful stained glass high up on its towering walls. After prepping them on what to look for--the design of the windows and the way they capture and change light--I couldn't have been more pleased by their reaction as we entered the ancient doors. They immediately ran towards a patch of multi-colored light, their faces filled with wonder. Each window after that and each ray of pink and blue and green sunlight dancing around the gray walls was awe-inspiring--and I experienced that indescribable joy of sharing something I loved with an audience that truly appreciated it as well. It was one of those moments every teacher prays for.

We also stumbled across a clock housing a chime from the 14th century--and it was only there that the boys were distracted enough for me to catch the looks of wonder for once. Check it out!
You'll have to imagine the wonder
on his face...
It looked a lot like this! :)

We followed up our outing by making some stained glass of our own out of colored tissue paper framed with black construction paper. All in all, it was definitely the most successful field trip to date! (And a fun art project too...!)