Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Fascinating Tale

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who created a blog, developed a modest following, and then inexplicably allowed the blog to fall into a state of neglect. What, you may ask, lead to such abandonment? To be honest, no one could be sure--even I myself, the recounter of this odd tale, have been mulling over the potential reasons during the entire period of said blog's dormancy. It is supposed, however, that the young woman was simply feeling uninspired... But, enough of the silliness! Allow me to catch you up on some of the recent happenings!

               An International Thanksgiving
Aside from Independence Day, there is probably no holiday more completely American than Thanksgiving--not necessarily because it's a time of eating more food than is good for you, but because it embodies centuries (yes, we really can claim at least that much history!) of unique and even religious tradition and American points-of-view. So it may seem odd that to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, the Roneys invited two Australians, a Canadian,
and a sort-of Frenchman (it's a long story) to join us! However, that provided an excellent opportunity for me to get the boys to prep a brief lesson on the history of Thanksgiving! It made my teacher heart glow to listen to them as we stuffed ourselves with the biggest (24 pounds, almost didn't fit in the oven) turkey I've ever seen.

Fall Goes Out in a Blaze of Glory
I recently discovered a very interesting quirk related to, of all things, French lawn care and groundskeeping. For whatever reason, no one seems inclined to rake leaves. At least, that is how things went in our little town of Ecully. As a result, the narrow roads were lined with mounds of bright yellow and orange leaves and the still-green grass was positively carpeted with blazing colors.
And while I don't know how good that can be once it snows and everything under the white blanket decays, it was simply lovely to look at!

Snow Falls Near Spare Oom
We finally got our first real snowfall of the season last week. It came down in huge, fluffy flakes while we cozily sat inside and worked on our lessons for the day. Unfortunately, it didn't last terribly long. Regardless, I still got a very Narnian picture out of it before rain melted all the snow away!

My Dungeon Becomes More Homey

Remember how I live in the affectionately named "dungeon room"? Well, the longer I've been here, the more I've been able to add a little bit of loveliness to my living quarters. I thought I'd just give you all a little peek so you wouldn't imagine me living in the boring, all-white room I first showed you. Now I just have to figure out how to spruce up that lamp shade!

We Have a Variety of Adventures
Unfortunately for you curious people, this last section is actually just a teaser for my upcoming blog posts (and yes, there will be many!). In summary, here's what to look for!
*The most successful field trip thus far
*Everything gets illuminated
*I spend a lovely day near the deep blue sea

And as for that fascinating tale that started this post, well...I have no intentions of abandoning the blog again! :)


  1. The leaves look lovely. And apparently it doesn't hurt anything to not rake leaves, because I'm sure they've left them in years past and the grass looks fine. I feel very encouraged to stop raking my own leaves, so I'm rather pleased with France right now. :)

    1. Ha ha! You know, I've been surprised as well to see that there isn't much damage going on. However, they have started raking some of the excessive leaves in certain areas. What I love is that they let the leaves fall and stay there while they were all bright and beautiful. They didn't even consider raking them until they looked all brown and half-decayed. It makes for more work in the raking, but it also lent an incredible beauty to the landscape while it lasted!