Monday, November 12, 2012

Roman Ruins, Anyone?

I'm learning that the best way to have a fabulous field trip, apart from picking a fun location and loading my brain with info about it beforehand, is to prime the boys with some sort of educational application before we go. Case in point, Lyon, under its erstwhile name of Lugdunum, was once a very important city in the Roman empire. Of course, it didn't maintain its Rome-ness forever (did anything?), and some of the nifty Roman structures such as a forum, a temple, and two gigantic theaters fell into disrepair and were even buried. Therefore, this called for a lesson on archaeology! After a discussion on what archaeologists do and how they locate sites, the boys were ready to explore an actual "dig!" Granted, the site we explored--the théâtre romain--really isn't a dig anymore...but with the help of a nearby museum packed with artifacts, we had plenty of things to see for a firsthand look at archaeology.
Did I mention the theater has a lovely view of the city? Those Romans knew what they were doing!

After sending the boys off to discover some artifacts in the museum, I stumbled across an interesting collection of stones--signs of the first Christians in the area (dating back to as early as 400 A.D.). Call me crazy, but when I saw these, I couldn't help wondering if this is where hipster art comes from. Maybe if they'd done owls...

The boys running up ancient stairs

Anyway, enough of the teacher babble! We had a fun afternoon running around the two ancient theaters (partially redone so as to accomodate modern plays). However, I discovered that it isn't just Halloween super heroes who don't like being filmed. Apparently, my students think it's a game to dodge my camera at all costs...result? More sneaky pics of kids jumping around. Moments like these make me want to knock their heads together... BUT...maybe I should just threaten to make them wear curtain clothes if they misbehave!
Kelson jumping off ancient walls
Random ancient graves...luckily,
they were vacant!


  1. Ha, hipster art. That made me laugh. Also that's super gorgeous—I hope you go to one of those plays some time.

    1. They only have them for like a few weeks in the summer, so I might be out of luck. :( But I'm going to keep hounding the website just in case!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah--the French Christians were hipsters WAY before it was cool...