Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Photo Dump

I've started gathering a pile of photos that haven't made it onto the blog yet, because they didn't fit into any specific story line. But since I love them, I decided to dump them all into a post just for kicks. So, here are some random shots!
Waxing philosophical...?

Cathedral at Carcassonne--loved the door!

View of Lyon from La Basilique de la Fourvière
Nothing brings out London's intellect
like some healthy competition!
The boys scream in fake horror as I discover
them in an elevator writing in their
On the terrace at Le Nord...We've been here more times than
I feel like admitting at present...

Fun and games at the space museum!
Castle House! It's just a block away...
Gnarly tree roots and fungi along the side of my favorite path

Random parade we stumbled across
Vieux Lyon
And that's all for this week's photo dump! I have a feeling that this may become a regular occurrence...

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