Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Hijinks

The one day of the year that everyone wants it to be overcast and gloomy is undoubtedly Halloween--at least everyone in the U.S., that is... You see, Halloween has only barely started to catch on in France, and the number of normal people turned morbidly-fascinated-terror-seekers hasn't quite reached a comparable peak. But here in the Roney house, we were all pleased to wake up on Halloween day to a lovely cloud cover dipping down into bits of misty fog.

It would have been more
visible with yarn...
President and Sister Roney were out of the country at a mission president's conference, so apart from the made-to-order weather, creating a fun Halloween was largely up to me! Courtesy of my friend Steve Carter, I got the idea to start the day off with some tricks and treats... Unable to find yarn, I made do with some boondoggly clothesline to form a small web (spun by the newly created Halloween hero The Great Spider) which lead to a bag of Halloween treats (left by none other than The Great Pumpkin himself...).  It turned out to be a pretty big hit! When the boys finally came down for breakfast and school, they were in remarkably good moods! Of course, maybe that was owing to their superhero trappings...

Spidey and the Hulk in action
And speaking of superheroes, apparently they don't like being filmed! I was only able to snap the picture on the right before they darted away! And slyly trying to photograph them while they did their homework didn't bring me much more luck...

But, when we went out later to tell some fun Halloween stories, I was able to get a quick shot of a monster. Unfortunately, his ninja companion predictably dodged my lens completely...

We situated ourselves on a lovely, ginormous stump just off the grounds of the "castle house" whose lawn was appropriately infested with menacing crows. We there proceded to tell funny ghost stories after which I regaled them with a quickly abbreviated version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
Perhaps I should have read some Poe instead...

And what happened next? Well, after school, we set to work making some awesome pizza, and I even got a semi-decent pic of the re-costumed superheroes! In the end, I think that pizza + a Halloween movie + (Orangina - trick-or-treating) = a successful Halloween party. :)


  1. So did you know when you accepted this job that you'd also be in charge of making giant spider webs and telling scary stories? :) Sounds like a really fun Halloween.

    1. Mmmm...definitely a no on that one! But it's all good--it makes my life a litte more interesting this way! :)