Thursday, November 15, 2012

Caught in a Whirlwind

You know those moments when life just doesn't seem real but you can't quite pin down why? Well, I just got dropped back into my normal life today (as normal as my life ever is, I suppose) and have been contemplating the whirlwind that deposited me after two days of insanity. So what happened?! Lunch, dinner, two big meetings, and a day of travelling with...well...please refer to the picture on the left...

A very excited crew of missionaries greeting the Andersens
For any of you who don't know, the man in the picture is Elder Andersen. Not only are he and his wife  among the kindest, happiest people I've ever met, but he is actually a great leader in our church. For more info on who he is and what he does, just click here! But whether or not you pursue that link or already know tons about him, let it be said that Elder Andersen is undoubtedly a man of God and it was an almost surreal privilege to spend time with him and to get to know him.

We found Donald Duck's helmet!
And now for some details! The Andersens are here in France for a short time to visit and give firesides for Church members and missionaries, but as they are friends with the Roneys, we had the benefit of hanging out with them a little more. In connection with their visit and to the delight of my young pupils, school was cancelled for two whole days! Not to worry, though, during a field trip to the medieval village of PĂ©rouges and charmingly Alpine Annecy, I managed to squeeze in a few impromptu history lessons and curiosity-provoking observations for the boys...  And, naturally, there were still all of the usual shenanigans squeezed between some incredible scenery and excellent food. (Tartiflette, anyone?) Above everything, though, I had the wonderful opportunity to listen--nearly one-on-one--to a truly great teacher as we drove for a couple of hours for our "field trip" destinations. I think the whirlwind feeling came from how much I learned; it's always refreshing and a bit exhilarating to find myself back in the student role! I was born to be a learner...

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