Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Visit from Fall

Kaedon was unwittingly my model for this one...
Within the past several years, fall has become my favorite season. When I expressed as much to the Roney boys, they decided it's because my birthday is in the fall. Of course, I think it's for somewhat less selfish reasons! :) The smells, the tastes (pumpkin, anyone?), the increasingly chilly air, the rainy days which enhance the already unusual colors and paint the ground with leaves...add to that an excuse to wear scarves and sweaters, and I'm a happy girl! But while I drooled over pictures posted all over Facebook depicting the brilliant colors popping up as early as late September in Utah, fall didn't visit my corner of the world until much more recently. Regardless, it did come--and just in time to enjoy it whilst the Utahns are shoveling a foot of snow! Now, at the risk of this becoming a photo blog, here are some pictures I've been snapping lately as fall slowly edged its way into our neighborhood.  And this way, I get to introduce you to my surroundings! :)

Rose petals? Nope! They're LEAVES!
The street where I live...

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  1. This post was making me homesick for Ecully. I was there in the fall and all these shots remind me of those four transfers.