Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tromping Through Traboules

I also got excited about this
seriously awesome pic...

For anyone who might be wondering, I most definitely did not mean to say "troubles" in my title...just thought I'd clear up the mere idea that I would allow a spelling error to creep into my beloved blog!! Perish the thought... ;)  However, I most definitely did get excited about the unintended pun... But...I digress without even having begun!

Each traboule had a lovely courtyard
hidden in its center
I decided to mix things up a bit today and take the boys on a morning field trip to the old city. I recently learned that there are hundreds of small passageways (known as "traboules") that pass through apartment buildings, connecting the narrow streets together. When I further learned that some of these passageways are said to have been constructed as early as the 4th century, visiting them was a done deal! Who doesn't like a little ancient history mixed with mystery?! So, here are some pics of our morning adventure in which we navigated narrow openings, crept behind 500 year-old doors, and even clambered our way up a medieval sewage system...
Remember how I love staircases?!
Medieval sewage = open sewage...and it
oddly still smelled that way...
Oh...the color!!!
Can't you tell how much fun we all had?! :)

I guess this all just makes reason number 759 of why I love being in France...


  1. That staircase picture is super cool! I hope it was more fun than the kid with a stick for a mustache would indicate. :)

    1. Actually, we really did have fun...the boys just have a pact to not smile in any of my photos because they like to tease me...