Sunday, October 21, 2012

Once Upon a Week

You know that uncanny feeling that time either flies away or drags on relentlessly? Well, I'm not really a fan--and this week was one of those weeks where time would either skip around or stand still. In the end, however, I find myself staring back at a full week in which I didn't write a blessed thing! GASP!! Ultimately, it was a week full of both normalcy and odd emotional roller coasters--which is to say, life went on as usual! Nonetheless, here are some highlights:

Circus à la française
Would you believe that in all my 28 years I've never been to the circus?! Shocking, I know--but the problem was nicely remedied last Monday night! You may be thinking that all French circuses are reminiscent of the Cirque du Soleil, but not only is that "cirque" Canadian, but it also turns out that French circuses are exactly what you'd expect from the real mccoy: a devilishly handsome MC introduced us to smelly elephants, sleepy tigers, death-defying acrobats, adorable dogs, and...English-speaking clowns... Well...maybe that last one is different from what you'd look for--we couldn't decide if they were making a comment on English speakers or not... Either way, it was a fantastic experience! Oh--and they even had insane motorcyclists riding around in a huge metal sphere! Definitely a night to remember...especially that MC...who couldn't have been over 30...hmmm...

Missionary Work
It's been over 5 years since I got back from my own missionary service in this very same part of the world--but you know what? It turns out that I still love street contacting and tracting... :) I had the chance to go out twice with the sister missionaries this week, and in addition to the much-needed girl talk they provided, I had a fantastic time! I honestly felt like I was playing too much and started to feel a little guilty...HA!

You may be thinking to yourself, "but was there good food this week?" Why yes...yes there was! We stopped in at the amazingly classic Entrecôte where they serve only one thing: rib steak with fries and a mysteriously wonderful sauce... And what could be so wonderful about mystery sauce? Hmmm...butter, dill, and a little bit of amazingness! This place always has a line of people waiting to get in when the doors swing open at 7:15--and after tasting the solitary dish for myself, I don't wonder why.

In addition to these fun little tidbits, I also started a cooking class with the boys and got to play with their adorable little nieces who were here visiting this week! Sigh...I hope I have a house full of girls someday... It was nice to have Sleeping Beauty playing in the background rather than dodging the usual shenanigans... But...more on all of that next time! :)


  1. Running off with the devilishly handsome MC of a French circus would make an awesome next chapter in the story of your life. Just saying.

    1. Ha ha!!! Oh have no idea... ;)

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