Friday, October 12, 2012

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Imagine an island where each town is separated from the other by enormous mountains and where the largest cities are bordered by the Mediterranean on one side and steep cliffs on the other. After driving up and then down a narrow mountain road after sunset, all the while wondering how large the drop-off must be on either side of the car, we finally snaked our way down towards a small cluster of lights which we hoped was our intended destination: Saint Florent. The road signs all posted city names in French and Corsican, but years of cultural repression prompted locals to black out some of the French on the signs. Result: in a car full of people who don't know a word of Corsican--a language much more reminiscent of Italian than anything else--we weren't exactly sure where we were going!

After a few phone calls, we fortunately found ourselves at our hotel and officially stepped across the boundary between normal life and an old-world paradise. I started to feel like I was on a honeymoon without a honey... :) In case you haven't noticed, I thoroughly enjoy showing off our hotel accommodations, so here's a peek at my rooms (yes, the word is intentionally plural).
The most important part
of the bathroom
Living Room
That night, I couldn't see beyond the inky blackness of my own balcony, but I had a feeling that an incredible view would show itself after sunrise. After enjoying a warm bath in my jetted tub, I slipped outside and listened to the sea softly splashing against what I assumed were rocky shores. The pool below was lit with alternating colors; turquoise, purple, pale green. It was mesmerizing. unfortunately wound me up so much that I could hardly sleep!

The next morning, I wasn't disappointed--refer to the following for clarification...

It's not much in terms of a panoramic photo, but I think you get the idea. This was my view as I ate breakfast which they delivered at a pre-determined hour to my balcony.
I think that in order to fully appreciate what this was like for me, you have to understand that I've generally been accustomed to a rather modest lifestyle. Decadently munching on French pastries while I watch the sun rise over the Mediterranean is not something that happens to me on a regular basis! While I definitely can't compare my life to that of Jane Eyre while at Lowood School, I still couldn't help thinking that she might have experienced similar feelings to mine if Rochester had finally taken her to that white-washed villa...

But, tranquilly eating breakfast is not the only lot in a school teacher's life! After a hurried morning lesson, we set off to re-conquer the mountain roads (and the view during the daytime was every bit as dizzying as I thought it might be) in order to get to the main city of Bastia. Unfortunately, that's when I realized that my camera battery was rapidly approaching its demise... So, I had to content myself with a few hasty photos of narrow roads and interesting staircases (which I admittedly am a little obsessed with). Just another incredibly awesome day in my super crazy life!

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