Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Field Trippin' Part 1

I confess: I'm tired today. We're heading to Corsica tomorrow (definitely the topic of a forthcoming post!), so I kept school going until 4:00 in order to make up for the prospective lost time the next few days. End result? This post is going to be carried by the pictures rather than the stories! But, as promised, I wanted to give you a taste of our field trip adventures the last two weeks.

Bordeaux the Beautiful
For our first travelling day, I went for a more educational route and took the boys to a history museum--they amused themselves by snapping pictures for a scavenger hunt while I just marveled at how awesome the museum design was!

Fabulous ancient statues
Rose Window Frame from Abbey Ruins

Even the boys were pretty impressed by the rose window--it was hidden around a corner, so when we came around, there it stood--at least 50 feet tall and all lit up. It made for a great precursor to our next visit at a nearby cathedral!
Free-standing Bell Tower
The Nave and Organ

I of course snapped a picture of the organ--a tribute to my dear friend Becca and a distinct reminder of the Salt Lake Tabernacle! But the best part about this cathedral was the creepy, slightly possessed-looking statues outside the front door...

I don't believe I've ever seen such alien-like personages attached to a cathedral...but it made for a fun teaching moment! :) 

Fun in Toulouse
The next day, I decided to take the boys for an adventure they still talk about! It had nothing to do with local history or old buildings (more's the pity...), therefore--they loved it! ;) What, you may ask, could it possibly have been?! Well, none other than the local SPACE CITY!!
They were mostly ecstatic to see NASA
But life-size rockets are also fantastic!
And of course there was moonwalking...
Which I also enjoyed!
They even had fun with the kiddie playground!
And we wound up with a new addition
to the family... :)

But personally, I think the best part was watching them be weathermen
and playing with the super awesome vortex dealio...

Relaxing in Montpellier
The next day in Montpellier, we just hung out and had school. I found a nifty roundabout during lunch break that was more like a park than a center of circulating cars, so we transferred the classroom post haste! Chilling in the trees is always a good idea following a week of travel...

And what happened next? Well...we drove to a weekend adventure in castleland! (Please refer to Flights of Fancy for all fascinating details...) As for week 2, patience will prove to be a virtue...tune in next time! :)


  1. Ooh, I want to moonwalk. This kind or the Michael Jackson kind.

    1. I'm glad you picked up on my intentional pun. :)